Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) under the darkness....

under the darkness....
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I present my new piece featuring Rika Furude (although she's called Rika Ushiromiya in my fanfic) with Ace, the Knight of Hearts who doesn't act very knight-like. This illustration was inspired by an official art in one of the Heart no Kuni no Alice artbooks. In the original image I referenced, Alice is holding a passed out Alice. Of course I changed it to a passed out Rika. I just liked how the illustration looked and it actually ties to a plot I'd like to write in my third fic.

I felt like doing a slightly darker drawing compared to my usual stuff. I also just wanted to try something different here. I also tried a different perspective here as well. I didn't do much of a background because I didn't really feel up to it...also the original image had it partially dark behind Ace to indicate his sinister intentions...So I replicated that effect in my drawing as well. I'm also happy that I got to draw more of Rika's updated dress here as well. More than what usually would be seen anyway. I like how she turned out as well. Hair covers her left eye since she basically lost it in my second fanfic of my series...and you can see some of the scars beneath her hair as well.

What else? I tried new things with coloring and perspective. I'm quite happy with how the colors look....I also used Photoshop to add a darker tint to the original drawing to give it that dark look I was going for. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. This drawing wasn't originally planned but I needed to draw something to break my art block...so that worked out. I hope everyone enjoys the drawing, please let me know what you think. ^^

Alice in the Country of Hearts Fan Art
ace, alice in the country of hearts, darkness, furude rika, heart no kuni no alice, higurashi no naku koro ni, knight, passed out, possesive, rika furude, rose petals, sword, yandere
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