animelover5000 Tragic Story

Okay so, this is my first comic challenge. I really wanted to enter one but there is never any comic challenges around anymore, thusfore I bring you this challenge.
The Challenge~
I am totally into tragic things that make me sad or wanna cry. Don't know why but I just do. I usually come up with stories of sad things in my head when I hear a sad song or something that is supposed to be relaxing I don't know why lol. XD. So for this challenge I want you guys to make a tragic story that'll make me wanna cry, either it be a tragic love story or something sad about loneliness or whatever. Find your inspiration ~~~~~ *Retard dance*
Rules are simple, just the usual rules that I see in every challenge
1. Keep theO rule
2. any type of medium can be used
3. colored, black and white it don't matter
4. Have fun~

Prizes will be announced I don't know when, I still don't know what I'm going to do for thy winners.

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Demon's Love ~nikkeh09
The Party ~PuffySketch
Am I really all alone? ~Angie Kudo
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