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WARNING If you don't like a little bit of BL, then don't read this. Sorry. I don't personally care for it either. There are also spoilers below depending on how far in the series you are.
But this comic is an inside joke between me and my friend, and is based off the RP she and I are doing. It's based on a conversation we had about a month ago at midnight when we were both exhausted. Now time to explain some minor *cough cough* Major *cough cough* changes. Basically, everything that happened after the chunin exams never happened. Sasuke went to Orochimaru, but as a spy instead of wanting more power to defeat Itachi. There was no big war. No one died. Asuma is still alive, Neji is alive, Jiraiya is still alive. Yes, everything that happens when Tsunade becomes Hokage is tweaked. We weren't particularly happy with all the deaths. We have not messed with canon relationships. not conscientiously at least. Yaaaay~~~

OC Bios

Belongs to Me:
Age @ beginning of RP: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye color: Orange. Purple when enraged.
Hair color: Light Brown. Goes down to ankles.
Jutsu type: Nature (plant based), can use both Earth and Water type chakra. Not like Yamato and the First Hokage. She can only use plants that are around, i.e. control them, transport through them, hear and see through them/what they see, etc... She is working on using rocks and earth(dirt). Has not learned that she can exclusively use water yet. She can also do combo attacks with her wolf and best friend, Max. Kiba taught her.
Dating: Kiba. Yeah...I know. I lost to a coin toss.
Nino grew up in a small village between the Earth Country, Hidden Grass village and Hidden Rain village areas. When she was 1-2 years old her parents sealed a strong being into her. It lives in her chakra and is able to take over her brain when she her guard isn't up. Which is usually when she's angry. She lost her parents when she was two. (I know, predictable.) They died in a territorial war, that turned into something bigger, and demons got involved. Her family's elderly neighbor, Geno, which they called Granny Geno took her in and raised her. She tried to get into the village's ninja academy, but they wouldn't let her in due to stuff that happened a couple years earlier. Around that time attempts on her life started, and Granny became very skilled at the art of Rolling Pin fighting. She left her village that same year, and stole one of her village's headbands in the process. She is a self taught ninja, sitting in at random academy classes of villages she passed through. At 7 she met Max when he was a cub, and they had been together every since, protecting each other from the constant assassins that followed Nino everywhere. At 13&1/2 she stumbled into Suna, dehydrated and on the verge of starvation, she had Max go ahead of her to find food. She passed out and when she woke up she was in the sand siblings house. Apparently Gaara and Temari saw her faint and they felt sorry for her and Gaara had Konkuro carry Nino to their home. After she woke up and was healthy they offered Nino to stay until she was positive she could get out of the desert safely. After a while the three siblings and Nino became good friends. Nino and Gaara most of all. Shortly after she turned 14 Nino decided to leave and travel around the rest of the continent. A few days later she reached Konoha. The first person she meet was Rock Lee who left and instant impression on her and became her first friend in Konoha, and ultimate was the reason she decided to stay in Konoha. Tsunade discovered her sneaking and spying talents and ended up recruiting her for A and S ranked missions, and thus she has been in Konoha ever since.

Belongs to Angela:
Age @ beginning of RP: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Eye color: Grey.
Hair color: Blonde.
Jutsu type: Shadows.
Dating: No one, but eventually starts dating Choji, once she gets over her fear and social awkwardness.
........I have no idea, 'cause yeah...not my OC...... ^^;
Angela wants everyone to know that she didn't base Angu's hair style from Ino's Shippuden hair style. She planned in before Shippuden came out. Yeah.

Now, I have a few more comics and stuff, but if I post them is the question. We will see, I guess!


Naruto franchise (c) Masashi Kishimoto

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