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Hi everyone!

I don't know how far this series will go, or if it'll even go somewhere, but at least for now, this is where you'll find the comics that I draw with a medical/hospital theme to them. Because, sometimes, you get an idea and you have to run with it. Anyways...

Here's a cover I practically threw together made in Photoshop Elements 10 and edited in MS Paint (Windows 7 version). That's supposed to be the symbol for the hospital, Otaku General, in these comics. Maybe it's not the best hospital name, but hopefully given the subject matter, it works. And if that symbol really does exist elsewhere, my apologies. I don't know if this will be a permanent cover or just a placeholder; we'll see how it goes.

The comic is listed under "Crossover Video Games" because primarily, most of the comic ideas I have are video-game related. However, there may be future comics that have anime and manga characters as well. But right now, it's game-centric.

Well, with all that said, I hope you enjoy! :D

EDIT: Unless otherwise noted, all comics here are drawn with pencil, outlined with pen (possibly my Sanford Onyx Micro ballpoint pen), and scanned into the computer. The editing programs I use are Manga Studio Debut 3, Photoshop Elements 10, MS Paint (Windows 7 version), and sometimes Windows Picture Manager (Windows 7 version).

Crossover Video Games Fan Comics
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