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I don't think it works like this. Seriously. It shouldn't.

This comic was inspired by a rather... erm... gory comic I only partially saw out of the corner of my eye (because Citrus is gracious about keeping me from seeing things he knows I'd regret seeing o_o). It was basically explaining what happens after Link defeats the bosses (how he gets additional health hearts), and I'll leave it at that. But for what it's worth, I hope that it has at least yielded a rather humorous (and a lot less bloody) comic.

My gosh, I gave Link such huge arms ._. Oh well... this is Twilight Princess Link... he's a goat-herder, so he's gotta be strong.

References include a pic of Dr. Mario from the Super Smash Bros. wiki, and... I don't think I used any references for Link... if I did, they came from Zeldawiki.

(See cover page for media used.)

EDIT: Thank you for all the views, whoever you are... I don't know what it is that made this comic have so many views! O_o Still, thanks all the same! ^_^

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