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I'm pretty sure this goes against the Hippocratic Oath.

Not to mention, maybe this is a little creepier than I'm used to drawing. Oh well.

For those who might not get it, in the Kid Icarus games, there are these two monsters: the Eggplant Wizard and the Tempura Wizard (the latter of which debuted in the new game, Kid Icarus: Uprising). Their only attacks turn you into an eggplant or shrimp tempura on legs, essentially; all you can do is run around, so you can't attack. But the problem with the Tempura Wizard is that it also runs after you with a bowl of rice and tries to eat you (which is instant death if he does; click here to see a slightly edited video on YouTube of this happening)

Anyways, in the original game, when Pit was turned into an eggplant, he had to go to a hospital in the game to be changed back. In Uprising, Pit's goddess, Palutena, says that her powers will turn Pit back to normal after a little while.

But here I'm theorizing what if Pit was hit by attacks from both wizards and was subject to the unholy fusion that results? I mean, I'm pretty sure eggplant tempura is delicious, but would Palutena's powers be enough to undo it? O_o

References include a Dr. Mario pic from the Super Smash Bros. wiki and some of the artwork from the Kid Icarus: Uprising Prima strategy guide (art-filled strategy guides can be great for character references :D)

(See cover page for media used.)

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