Saiyagal (Fan Comic Portfolio) The BUTT of the Joke

The BUTT of the Joke

Sorry, it's not really a fan made comic because the characters are my own creation. I hope that's not against the rules. I was just practicing with creating my own manga and that's why it's on notebook paper. I apologize if the writing is not legible.

Krystalia isn't a registered title, but it is my own creation.

Daisuke (the large guy with the blue hair)
Celestia *NOT the pony* (the female)
Zante (the blond boy)

I'm sorry the writing is so small. Here's the script.

Daisuke: *Snicker!*
Celestia: What are you laughing at, Daisuke?
Daisuke: This guy's name is BUTTesman.
Celestia: Actually it's pronounced Buttesman (Bewtesman)
Daisuke: But you told me the 'u' made an "uh" sound?
Celestia: Well yes, but in some cases
Celestia: Can you help me out, Zante?
Zante: Daisuke, Master Buttesman is a very strict and disciplined swordsman who despises demons of all kinds.
Zante (continued): So if you want him to train you, you shouldn't tick him off by calling him Master...
Zante (continued): *mmkksh* (muffled laugh) BUTTesman!
(Both Daisuke and Zante are laughing hysterically)
Celestia: Krystalia help us.

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