MagikSalem (Fan Comic Portfolio) Words Unsaid

OKAY SO! I drew this in 2010... Didn't put it here...

this is more of how i test stuff out.
I decided to try a few different things (one of them is very obvious)
I tryed a bit of a birds eye veiw for the first panel.. not so sure if i got it right but i like how the whole thing came out.
I also decided to do the words all in the Karna alphabet
Don't be mad at Salem for submitting something only she can read XD

It R cheesier than a double extra cheese Pizza, but whatever...

the character in this is Fey/Ferret
she is thinking/talking to/about alexander/snake and his group (more so him)
on this page
fey is thinking "She said i was childish, she was right. I should not have gone, but... as much as she would hate to admit... one thing is true. I would have died without you. and I have to say, I am sorry for the trouble I caused, You mean more to me than you will ever know"
and she is saying "Thank you"

a very cheesy part of the story

Original Anime and Manga Fan Comics
Fey, Karna, Salem screws around with stuff
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