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Inuyasha: Next generation, "The last dragonfly"
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Download High Resolution, the path to sucess(in my opinion at least). As Tonbo is having troubles in school as am I, not failing tests but more like a busy schedule. *sigh*, I hope my series on Otaku and my schoolwork won't crash together and break into a million different pieces. This really is what happens in real life though, you fail a test and you fail yourself. I hate it when that happens, students thinking that hurting themselves will remind them to stay on-track, I utterly despise it. When Tonbo meant compass, she meant the sharp/pointy mathematics instrument usually used to draw out perfect circles, but in this case, slithing her wrists. For every test she fairs poorly on she cuts her wrists, that's happened 3 times in her entire life.

Most of my view on the world and my emotions and expressions are expressed through this series. My concern for global issues and individuals that hurt themselves constantly to my view on earth and other other-worldly conflicts.

I hope you all enjoy this, this story is special to me so I hope it's special to all of you! I wish, in some manner, that it would touch your hearts...whether it be the first few pages or the epic conclusion of the entire series.

But remember to expect the unexpected!

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