TrueStory (Fan Comic Portfolio) Y U NO LIKE?

This actually happened, but not quite as bad.
I attempted to show Hetalia: Paint it White!
to a close friend of mine hoping he would like it.

Well...5 minutes in and he says if I had ' Anything else'.


I will admit, I sometimes make a mountain out of a mole hill
and over-react to things like this.
So, I got all defensive and asked him WHY he disliked it.

Like in the comic he said it was " Silly" and " Weird" .
After some small fighting , we finally agreed to just watch something else.
We decided to try Death Note.
( I'll be honest, I've never watched the whole thing.)

In the end, we ended up enjoying it
and are now watching it all together! :)

Also yes, I used to have this strong fear of watching anime with others.
I was afraid I would be judged or laughed at.
I think because when I was younger, my sister and brother
used to laugh at my anime drawings
and that somehow scarred me for years.

But, now I'm over it! I feel silly now!

Ugh, sorry for making this even longer,
but I feel like I need to explain that
I know everyone has different taste in anime.
Some like comedy while others like horror.

Again, this comic was just for fun
and honestly, I was making fun of myself.
So, no hard feelings, okay?

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