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seriously falling behind. oTL I'm becoming really lousy at keeping up now, mainly because junk keeps happening.

anyways here is day 8, a character design reference sheet.
I've always wanted to do one, but never did till now. XD anyways I couldn't decide on a character, so I ended up with SnowFlake, as random neko guy I kinda just started drawing a lot, but originally he was going to be a one shot deal, like Raimundo was. XD

I don't really have any info on him much, but I'll make something up since I kinda have an idea for him. : )

Name: SnowFlake the Snow Leopard

Age: unknown


Personality: Snowflake is very child like, a little naive in a way. He loves candy, and playing in the snow. He's really friendly and kind and is always smiling, though occasionally he does get lonely up in the mountains be himself.
He rarely gets upset and sometimes goes into a hunting mode where it's just best to stay away from him.

Background: Snowflake doesn't really have any memories, he just knows he lives up in the snowy mountains, away from humans. He also knows that he needs to stay away from humans because they wouldn't be able to understand or accept him.

likes: Candy, snow, fluffy things, playing in the snow, sweets, meat, climbing trees

dislikes: hunters, sight of blood (makes him go into hunter mode), being misunderstood, people touching his ears and tail,

Color references: reference 1, reference 2, refernce 3

I'm not going to add extra stuff like height/weight, I don't really care for those details, but I did add them to the reference sheet.

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