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Cell Phones and Surreptitiousness
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This is a side story to my other comic Of Fruits and Vegetables, featuring Stefan and Gabe. If you're not acquainted with the cast of OFAV and don't know the characters' occupations, this comic may not make a lot of sense. But maybe it will, idk. xD

SteGabe side comic, woo! 8D;;; I wanted to make a short comic with the OFAV characters that wasn't in 4-panel comic form, so of course I used Stefan and Gabe... Sorry it's only a sketch. I don't feel like inking a full blown comic. xD

This is more or less a boy's love comic, but it only gets as "intense" as Gabe putting his arm around Stefan/etc. I give the comic a PG rating as a whole, for mild cursing.

By the way, the long title: Surreptitiousness means "stealth" or "secretiveness," if you don't know. I was going to put "of" in the front of the title so it would be like OFAV, but I left out the "of" on dA, so... I'll leave it out here.

Also, Stefan's soliloquy on this page was giving me issues. Sorry if it's random and irrelevant sounding.

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