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It's pretty much just a spoof of the PW series in a world of law where just about every one is retarded and have no common sense and Edgeworth seems to be the only intellegent person around the rest of these idiots. I will warn you tha whether or not you're familure with the series it will confuse you. But it's suppose to. Also, this is my first sprite comic! Enjoy! I'd love positive feedback and creative critisism. I'd like to add that I put the cover together myself using artwork from PW. ^_^ Just FYI. (Just for reference, while this spoof of Phoenix Wright in originally mine, the actual original story of PW is not mine and neither are the chars, artwork, etc, unless further stated. I have a link for where the artwork and sprites came from...but I, myself don't know exacty who did the original sprite artwork and actual artwork. But I give all these people credit where due. And I give the people credit who ripped the sprites as well. ^_^ ALSO! lol I'd like to add that why there are no desks in the courtroom is because I didn't know those were seperate from the background, I just saved the desks to my comp, but I actually find it more funny with out the desks. But I have them when I need them This is where I got the sprites and artwork from. http://www.court-records.net)

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