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My final fantasy team and their wonderful success XD no, this isn't the one with Cloud in it. Tis the very first. So there's no confusion: the knight dude is named Guy, the emo sarcastic red mage is Erk, the clueless theif is Colm, and the idiot blackbelt is Ryu. Note, they are all named after Fire Emblem characters...except Ryu. I couldn't think of another 4 letter name. Needless to say, my team didn't last long. Final Fantasy 1 (the original, not the remake) is freakin hard! And before you say "you need to level up n00b" well I did. Spent a good few hours on it only to get up to level 3. AND I bought all the best equipment for my team before setting out. The game is tough. Last panel stinks cuz I wasn't feeling good when I was doing it. That's why Guy's hair gets oh so subtly darker through the panels. There's another adventure for these four I have yet to finish and depending on how you guys take it, there might be more stories of my failure along with my roland strips XD Observe my inability to draw monsters! My favs the clam thing. I know it was some sorta plant in the game, but it looked like a clam with tentacles.

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