sweetdevil (Fan Comic Portfolio) The Dirt Issue

Mwa ha ha! Finally, a new "work of art"! You'll enjoy this if we have the same kind of humor.

We all (or at least those who have seen Shaman King) know ho bossy Anna is around Yoh. Why not make her take advantage of the situation? XD
Of course, Sora (from Kaleido Star) scrapes the stones off as well! Those are pieces of grass flying around... She's happy and has a good amount of energy, that why I had this idea.
And as for Usagi, I originally wanted to draw her staring at that dirt for day and night, but I thought she wasn't THAT stupid, so I changed the idea to an attack!

Now for some additional explanations:
- if you can't see it, the fly nearer to Anna's leg, in the fifth panel, is grinning and winking XD I made a sadistic fly!

- in the tenth panel, the fly is dizzy XD One fly is lying on the ground;

- I know that's not Usagi's transformation phrase, but I had forgotten it at the moment -_-" At least I got her attack right!

- Usagi creates a crater XD The fly is dead, roast now XD

Comments are very welcome and appreciated! XD

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