Yuriko91 (Fan Comic Portfolio) Kagura's Explaination Of Male Birth

1st panel - Kagura: Hey, everyone. Did you ever wonder how my so-called ''master'' have his little ''mini-me'' later on in Inuyasha? 2nd panel - Kagura: Well, to start things off, we were told that the ''infant'' later known as Hakudoshi is an incarnation of Naraku himself...or his human heart, Onigumo. Then I split the lil' bugger in half when we killed that monk. 3rd panel - Kagura: Still following me? Here's my opinion on the whole matter: Naraku F*CKED a white haired, red-eyed demon. THAT'S how Hakudoshi was born. UNDERSTAND? 4th panel, below 1st - Miroku: OMG, we've been fighting a pregnant man?! Kagura: To put it simply: yes. 5th panel - Miroku: ZOMG!! Kagome: Ugh, no wonder he's been PMSing! Sango: Now we know why he killed Kikyo! He hates women! Inuyasha: Muh...uh... Kanna: .... Miroku: MY EARS!!! 6th panel - Kanna: Naraku is SO going to kill you when we get home. Kagura: Oh, put a sock in it, Kanna. And there you have it. The reason how Hakudoshi came into existance. Technically, I modified the text in the strip to make it even more funnier. ^^ Hope ya likee!

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