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Okay, bout time I submitted another comic, huh? I really like how this one came out. With their one year anniversary coming up I feel it best demonstrates how much my style's improved from the first. And Ray's hair came out how it's supposed to. You'll notice it doesn't have the highlights this time. That's cuz he's really a brunette, but he dyes his hair black for what ever reason XP. Also, Basil and Ray are still somewhat awkward around each other (I don't think they know each other's names yet) Basil kinda just gave up and accepted the fact that he now has a wierd foreigner visiting his house (Ray's American, he's British, I'm just too lazy to do the accent and I don't wanna offend someone by accident cuz I ain't British. But I love their accent) XD And WOW, Basil's house now has furnature and a background! Slowly getting better X3

As for the facts about Frankenstein, they're true. I read the novel. It's actually pretty good, other than Frankenstein being all ANGST. You just wanna smack the guy. And he hates his monster. And he didn't make him upon a scary castle in a thunderstorm. He did it in an apartment, lawl.
See if you can find the triforce in here.

NOTE: Basil's the one with the book and Ray's the clueless one XP

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