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... Yeah, forgot that the tour guide page was labeled as comic 1. ^^; And on a note of that, I didn't mean any of those comments in that page in sarcasm or anything - compliments given were sincere, and I meant no offense at all.

That being said, I had another page that preceded this, but now taking it into account it's better I not post it. As it is, I'm afraid this one might be misinterpreted as a complaint. After all, I'm far from the "annoying griping culture-shocked tourist" type... but I guess some of my comments so far and what I wrote in my most recent Fan Word "epic fail" might almost make it seem that way, and for that I apologize.

But it's true - in all of our hotels in Japan, even in Thailand, the bathroom light switch was outside the bathroom. Perfect prank opportunity right there. I don't know of anyone who actually pulled a prank like that, but the idea was rather interesting to me so I thought I'd comic-ify it. As for the setting, this particular comic is set on the night we arrived in Tokyo.

Comic drawn in Photoshop Elements 5 (thus it might look a tad different from my other comics - and I think I might stick to drawing comics traditionally, at least until I improve more... my digital drawing style isn't entirely suited to comics. Or maybe it was just the brush I used. *shrug)

Shaman King (c) Hiroyuki Takei
FMA (c) Hiromu Arakawa

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