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k this is my first time doing somehting like this and i was hoping for some constructive critiz. i aslso have htis habbit of not finishing anything i start so hopefully i can fix that by posting on this site. It is a bit moggy isn't it? i['ll try harder next time..
k now for the story line...

This is a story revolves around a 15 year old boy named Zero Takeshi (Tak-e-shi) and a 15 year old girl named Miki Jaelye (J-Lee). It takes place 17 years after the 19th valentine, a war in which humans and demons had fought for 19 years, finally ending on the 19th valentine. There is a tale behind the war about the demon Lady falling in-love with the Human Prince. They eventually end the war with a marriage between the two. But one year after the war, the Demon lady is found dead. Thus creating more war between humans and demons. 10 years ago an organization came into power, Crimson Crisis, a neutral power, it's main ideal was to fight against all war. Zero is the protagonist in this series, he is a lost boy with no memories of his past except those of him when we was 8 years old and older. He lives a double life, a regular human life and a life as a pawn for Crimson Crisis. How will he deal with two lives that intervene with each other almost every second of his life? And what about his memories? Is there any answer to the question �who am I�? And what does Miki have to do with his past?

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