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Far into the future;
The world suffers a war that ravages more furiously than any other. All countries attack one another. There are no allies.
They call it the Forever War.

Some humans are chosen at birth; torn from their mothers arms-- to become modified with mechanics and drugs and help the war effort for their own country.
Angel is one such child who stands against this. Being modified with the most painful and complicated of all models... He has become bitter towards everyone.
But all he wants is to slaughter the worlds leaders who claimed his life for a pointless war.
With the aid of a God looking for the world to return to peace... can Angel end the war? Or more precisely... satisfy his own bloodlust?

(god i wish i were good at summaries =w=)
This comic will contain things such as VIOLENCE, and possibly OFFENSIVE things. also... a few things that may make you cringe c|

Original Anime and Manga Fan Comics
angel, code, future, god, sci-fi
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