Hoshi Kurusugawa (Fan Comic Portfolio) Copy Cat?

Copy Cat?

I actually do that too, I sit like L sometimes and sometimes I press my thumb on my lips like him. (I do it when I’m really stuck and can’t think.) But I’m not copying him; I’ve been doing that way before I even heard of Death Note. So I was staying home sick (again. XP) and I decided to draw this. Just to point out I’m pretty sure I got the pose for L in the third panel on a wallpaper I saw, not traced or anything. (The reason I say pretty sure is because I can’t remember. XP Also I want to point out in the third panel he’s leaning over to talk to me, sort of.) Well hope you like it, please comment. Thank you.(I hope you guys get this, I made it really for the heck of it.)

Death Note Fan Comics
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