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The second part! I really love this page, especially the last panel, even though there are some mistakes. Like, I messed up on some of the Sheik cosplayer's details. And it looks like she's being choked but she's really just pulling down her scarf thing. And Orude's hands look weird.

Orude is my favorite character though. Probably 'cause I can make him say all my snide comments that I come up with.

Oh, and if you're curious about the plot line....

For the Love of Cosplay Synopsis:
Amelia is your average dedicated anime/manga/videogame fan. She knows the random facts, who voiced which character, and even has a particular character whom she refers to as her "darling." So when she finds a cosplayer who looks exactly like him, she is awed and excited beyond measure...and she tells him so, only to find out shortly after that--he's a girl. After suffering minor trauma, Amelia gets back on her feet with the help of her friend Orude. Then by a cruel twist of fate, Amelia and the cosplayer meet and are bonded by fandom and the love of cosplay.

The funniest thing about this comic is that it actually happened. Well, sort of. At the last con I went to, a friend and I were standing in line for dinner. There was this group of people coming towards us that I was watching. The girl (who looked exactly as I depicted her here) was cosplaying as Zelda. The only thing that made me think that was the fact that she was wearing a little purple apron thing. Then I noticed that the guy she was with had a plastic sword in his belt and I thought, "Is he cosplaying too?" Then it dawned on me that he was cosplaying as Link. The green clothing kind of tipped me off. I kind of went crazy, probably because LOZ is my favorite game. I had to ask my friend to hold onto me; I wasn't too sure that I wouldn't just suddenly attack them. If we ever meet and you're cosplaying, please don't be afraid of me. I won't attack you.

I'm sorry if my, uh, strong views about details, offend anyone. Works well for comic relief though, doesn't it?

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