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Not much to say here.
But for now, don't get excited cause I'm only submitting the cover page to this. I'll upload some more pages later this week or something.


A girl who has been obsessed with cooking(specifically baking pastries and making sweets) all her life. This passion would of course make her naturally talented at what she loves to do. She has been somewhat anti-social and thus has like one or two friends.
And then one day during her highschool life she meets some foreign exchange student...blahblahblah....his japanese is like funky sounding kinda. blahblahblahblahblah...BLARGH! *cyber vomits* lol jk jk
Kaori is attracted to him sorta and the guy is like trying to help her not become so obsessed with cooking anymore.

Okay that has got to be the worst story/summary everrrrr but
I've had the idea for quite some time now.

Oh and about the cover. It sucks like @$$.
I can't photoshop for $h!t. I'll change it later when I feel like it.

mkay. Seeyas peoples. Enjoy looking at the cover's ugly-ness.

**NOTE** Below where it says By LunaLei is the katakana and beneath that is my name. mkay then. Cherio!

I betcha no one is ever gonna read this cr@p.

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hayashi, kaori, lunalei, romance, shoujo
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