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*Old Cover Here! D:<

This is probably the first and last yaoi (No smexing though. D: "WTF PONNCHI.") I'm going to make. * By The way, this is only a practice manga for what I want to make in the future. I just thought it would be cool to make this one first. * :]

One area is blessed with a continuous supply of protectors, the Gods of the elements. The power orders goes, Aqua, Inferno, Earth, then Zephyr. But it seems that this centry isn't so lucky. Four guys, appearing to be in thier teens, are the current Gods, and just like the freaks they are, they fight. ALOT.

It seems as if there is no need for the teenage gods, for everything is in place, and stable becuase of the doings of previous, more responsible ansestors. But no. Life isn't that sweet. Military attempts to rid the area of a unknown virus fails, and there only option is to ask assistance from there last resort, the Boys. Relutantly, they sort of accept, but becuase of their anomosity towards one another, there is very little they will sucede.

This will ( Hopefully ) have two side stories, with Aruiz X Ameno, and Clearse X Rensai. :]

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