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Vocaloid Random Moments- Rin, Len, and cake
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Yes, I'm going to compile a whole bunch of random doodles that I have done on MS Paint (most of them under 5 minutes) of Vocaloid. ;3 Category, I really didn't know where to put it so I just put it in the "Other video games" category...

Ok, this is the first out of my few that I have drawn. They are mostly going to be one picture. ;3 When I have an "inspiration" I might have a 4-koma or something like that. But probably not an actual series. (I'm not good at making up stories...)

Even if this is so doodly and short, I hope you guys will still come from time to time at least to give me a few views. XD lol.

Anyways, let's get on with the description for my first one!

It's Rin and Len to start it all off! Yay!! (I'm a Kagamine twins fan. XD Yay!) I just thought messing with Rin might be a little fun. This all started off when I was going to eat my chicken sandwich yesterday that I got from Chick-fil-a. I went to the bathroom and my sandwhich had a bite! I ask around who bit it and I eventually found out it was my brother! So I made it Rin and Len because they are brothers and sister. ;3 And cake because I was eating cake right when I was drawing this! XD haha. *shot* (I'm so unoriginal...)

Anyways, even if they might suck, I hope I can still get people to at least chuckle or feel related to something. ;3


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