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The Death Goddness - Lee's team
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This manga is read like a traditional Japan comic, from right top to left bottom.

This story is about one of Lee's team mission right before the Chuunin exam. This is a shounen style manga. First half works as a characters introduction and abit of a comedy, everything changes later on.
No pairing, yaoi or anything of that sort involved. Standard shounen manga violence and killing are involved.

You DO NOT have to had read Naruto to understand this doujinshi. This is a complete stand alone story. You don't have to be a fan and you don't even have to have any knowledge of Naruto once so ever to understand this story.

I hope you guys will like it =)

Guys, I HATE advertisement comments. If you are going to use my space to leave a comment mainly for advertising your stuff, at least take the time to truly comment on my work first, please?
Thank you.

Naruto Fan Comics
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