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Araina~...based on this.

1. I'm sorry if it's hard to see America's outfit (the jacket, etc.) under the pocket. I did draw them, but I read "in their clothes" and thought it would be amusing if I drew my state as a pocket. In other words, I'm in America's clothes (dressed in his usual outfit) and IN America's clothes (sitting in his pants pocket, which here represents the region in which I grew up). I thought it was kind of cute. Also, for those who aren't familiar with South Carolina...we basically have the worst schools in the country, and we WERE a real textile juggernaut. "The mill" used to be part of everyone's life, and pretty much every town has at least one, even if it's abandoned now. To me, a skyline without an old brick smokestack is a very strange sight indeed.
2. To be honest, I love all characters because I love the whole world. (lolpinkoliberal) But the characters that left the most impression on me were South Italy, the Baltic states, and the Scandinavian countries. Romano won my heart in "Boss Spain's Control of South Italy pt. II", so I drew him here. (Should I have drawn him as a child, though...?) I wanted to draw Lithuania and Sweden too, but there wasn't space.
3. It actually bothers me a little that everyone believes in "Finland-Sweden love" and Estonia is always left out in the cold. Historically speaking, Finland was a lot closer to Estonia than Sweden...and I guess when it comes to Hetalia itself, I see the Sweden-Finland relationship as being more brotherly than anything else. Meanwhile, Finland is always "Yaay, Estonia, I wanted to see you so very very badly! *glomp glomp*" It's not that I dislike Sweden x Finland, but rather, I feel like there are other cute, historically accurate pairings that are ignored in favour of it...
4. Netherlands-kun! I have a couple of Dutch friends, so I lucked out when my random selection came up "Netherlands". First off, territorily speaking, Holland and the Netherlands are a little different, so I thought this would be okay even though Holland does nominally appear in Hetalia. (Note: the tulips thing is IN THE PAST. It's like cracking jokes about cake to a French person. Let it die already.) The country as I know it is a very liberal place where people love their freedom. I tried to reflect that in Netherlands-kun's design. In my mind, he's a very easygoing guy who smiles a lot. He seems like he'd be right at home playing a guitar in a coffee shop (heheh). He ended up resembling France and Belgium a little, which actually makes sense. Also: Christiana. It's a micronation seeking sovereignty, like Sealand, so it seems that Sealanders think of them as comrades. Most of the people who live in Christiana are hippies. The Danish government is not amused at all...
5. America and Iceland. America is a strange place when it comes to same-sex marriage and such. Part of the country says "it's fine yeah!" and the other part says "no, kill them!" And then there are the ones who say "wrong or right, it's hot! :D" So, America's divided mind is immortalised here in the form of a conversation with Iceland, who has a lesbian Prime Minister. But with all that's happened lately, I doubt Iceland would be happy to see America.
6. Ahhh...this is a kind of difficult subject, so I don't want to talk about it.
7. The best-looking drawing I've done so far is the lolishota. Why is this? -_-;; I'm sorry, Canadians. To be honest, I like a cool Canada as well. I like manly Canada and moe Canada both, but moe Canada is more fun to draw. I AM NOT A SHOTACON, HONESTLY. HAHAHA.
8. Aargh, my neck is evil in this picture. Maybe I should have given up and drawn the neck differently...Prussia was fun to draw at first, but I got uncomfortable when I had to draw his uniform, so it might look a little odd. Also, I'm a huge milk drinker (haha). Good kids drink lots of milk! I'm not yet allowed to drink alcohol, so I had to look around for reference pictures of the beer. It ended up looking like a floor lamp as a consequence. ;; I love how Prussia is saying "being alone is great" when there's someone right next to him. Maybe he's talking to himself.

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