Sage of Magic (Fan Comic Portfolio) Lazy Day School Dayz: Jingle Jangle

My roommate and I had this problem actually. She was very particular about noises in the room and I like to wear jewelry with catbells on it. Or just bells in general. She was more polite though about asking me to remove them (aka, as soon as I walked in it was 'can you please take that off?'). I swear she had excellent hearing. Once she asked me to turn down my music when I was listening to it on headphones. I basically turned it off because it couldn't go any quieter.

So, Iris and Lex be roommates. Lex will be showing up an awful lot in the future so keep an eye out X3

Shading on this...sloppy. I seriously am not content with it. I like the first panel best, honestly. A small part of it got cut off by the scanner but I couldn't fix it...I also learned that I can't draw books or ipods.

cookie to whomever can guess the song Iris is listening to.

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