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Not really a rant as much as a playful prodding at various MMOs. Most I have finally gotten to try. Female-bikini-armor is annoying.

Excuse the long explaination, just detailing a few points about each one

WoW: okay yes I admit I tried it: I love the Warcraft series, and still occasionally play the RTS games, but for some reason, I can't get into WoW. At all. I'm not sure if it's the endless grinding, or the creepy people that like to come up and say random "wtf" things (especially for playing as a female character) or if it simply broke the lore on WC into ways I didn't like. Maybe there's just too much to it now, I dunno. I'll only be happy once they introduce a playable Pandarian race.

Perfect World: I enjoyed it alittle more than WoW. the fact that you can have flying characters from the get-go, and armor that looks okay without endless grinding to lvl 60 appeals to me. Plus the character creation is very nice. Got kinda bored with it though, cause it's still kinda grindy. not as bad as WoW though.

Dream of Mirror: it was a brief exprience, but I liked it. I mostly chased Code around with a floating syringe yelling at him about needing a checkup. When you're in a area, (even in low level areas) sometimes a large boss character will spawn blocking your path. you could take the long way around to where ever you're going (unlike wow where you have to get an escort sometimes >>..) or wait out a higher level character to take it down. I find this a neat concept.

Mabinogi: I couldn't even get this to work O_o; it wouldn't update or something, but I've seen/played around with it on Cloud's computer. The fact that you're clearly limited to like 3 types of hair styles and eye colors unless you pay for extras put me off right away. Plus the controls where weird.

Aion: it looks nice, it's got a neat concept, and has a lovely character creation that rivals Perfect World's; but I know I could never play it, my computer would resent me for it for the rest of it's CPU life. Plus that darned "female armor" thing most MMOs suffer from: seriously can't you developers like... I dunno make female armor that DOESN'T look like a Bikini with some huge shoulder pads?

Monster Hunter: oh right. Monster Hunter doesn't do it as much. Gotta give them some points right at the start for that xpx lol Granted there ARE some MH armor that looks skimpy, but at least the skimpy to useful looking armor ratio is pretty good, having said that though:
Meet Khezu. A blind white monster that sticks to the ceiling of caves. He can sniff you out from anywhere, will pounce you, paralyze you with his ear-bleeding screeching and shoot lightening stunning you and further mauling you. He's twice the size of your character in the game. Oh yeah he's also the smallest major monster in the game too >____> the largest ones' toes are about your size, and the game relies more on your reflexes then point, attack, repeat.
Then again it's a console game, BUT MY POINT'S STILL VALID. The moral of this story is the trade off for good armor is steep learning curves and mauling brutal monsters.

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