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Randomosity II: College and Beyond
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"But the omake material from your first Randomosity series isn't done!" I know, I know... and honestly I doubt I'll get it done. I procrastinated too much.

Which HOPEFULLY I will not do as much with this series as I did with the first! My only excuse for putting weekly comics off for this one is if I have something going on Friday or I don't get all of my schoolwork done before that day (as you can see, I've designated Fridays as my day in the week to draw if I so wish - the rest of the time, pssh, if I have time maybe).

So, about this second series...

While Kana, Rae, Shana, and possibly even Talen (the "cameo!" guy from the finale) and some of the others may make brief appearances, it's mostly Kyarri and I now since we're the only ones within our class who are going to the same school (the other seniors from last year, Missy, Addy, Kira and Korasu, have all pretty much gone their separate ways - everyone else, well they're still in high school). Thus, to fill in space sometimes there will be more characters from pre-existing series making cameos (kind of like how it sometimes was in the first series). It will be updated every Friday or Saturday, depending on how quickly I get my schoolwork for the week done and out of the way.

And with that, I bring you Randomosity II: College and Beyond!

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