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THIS IS READ RIGHT TO LEFT I think the only people who will find this funny in the least are myself, kojika, and Moonlit--Shadow. The idea for this came about back in October when kojika was styling my wig for my Alviss cosplay. Anyway, I've messed around and practiced a bit with screen tones before, but I've never really actually used them in anything, this is the first time, so be kind ^^; . Oh, and yes, I'm fully aware of the fact that Alviss does not have any of his ARMs equipped. Why? because I was too lazy to draw them all. Man, I look at this, and see how different all the shading and highlights are from my colour paintings, and it's kind of a shock. I pretty much winged all the shading and such, except for Alviss' hair, which I modeled off how it's done in the manga(not exactly, but close enough). I really really like how Alviss came out in the very first panel where he is yawning. I'm actually thinking of ripping that from the .psd file and submitting it by itself. As for the lack of detail in a lot of areas, like the second panel and the lack of backgrounds, well I was a bit lazy. And this took me forever to do as it is now... EDIT: Woah...major inconsistency...I just noticed Nanashi is missing his scarf thing in the second panel, but has it in the last! Ahh....oh well ^^; Done in Photoshop MAR (C) Anzai Nobuyuki Artwork (C) ~Ranefea

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