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Guardian Angel: Heaven's Calling
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Part 2 of 3 has come to an end!
Part 3 is here!

Next time, a dramatic finale~

Note: The girl in the picture is Ms. Penelope Darrow, who I don't think I'll be able to formally introduce in the main comic.
She's the one who keeps Lucifer relatively sane and manages his daily affairs. They have a semi-romantic relationship.

In Lucifer's banishment from heaven:
There was no real rebellion or betrayal. Roswell was ordered to select a 'Lucifer', and he chose him out of spite. Thus, Lucifer had his name stolen from him and began his fated descent into corruption. D:
Penelope was one who followed him into hell voluntarily. They actually didn't know each other too well beforehand, but the injustice of the whole affair moved her to pity.
She is sweet and delicate like a doll, with pale skin and dark red hair. However, this appearance belies her inner strength and conviction. Although she's mild mannered, she takes crap from no one.

Picture strongly influenced by The Phantom of the Opera. orz

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