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Forgotten Doll
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And the cycle begins again~ Note how familiar her blank stare and happy smile is? tehe~ I'm starting the lineart for my next 2 mangas which would be WAY longer than this one~ One of them is gonna be about 40 pages~ the other one is gonna be more like 100~ I'm still in the planning stages though so the number of pages is quite off~ I mean, I originally planned for this to be 15... but then I went 'I CAN'T BE STUFFED!' and I compacted it till it was ONLY 6 PAGES!

My laziness astounds me~ tehe~ Well, I hope you enjoyed it~ My poor, sweet but now eternally happy Forgotten Doll.

I shall take suggestions for fanart of this... though you'd have to make it interesting enough for me to actually WANT to. I'm an lazy person and unless it's REALLY interesting I'd get bored fast. IF I REALLY like your suggestion I'll dedicate it to you~ ^^ BUT if it's stupid I shall ignore it~ 'waves hand airily~' Have a nice day~ And DON'T pick up random pretty dolls from the attic.

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death, forgotten doll, gore, gothic, horror, kill, lolita, nikokami, pretty
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