Animatious (Fan Comic Portfolio) Christmas Day (with Sukki, Hana and Daemian)

Smexykazekage suggested that my first yonkoma be of Sugyeong and Haneul on Christmas Day. I made two parts: the first of Sukki and Haneul and the second of Sukki and Daemian.

I think i was rushing throughout the whole coloring process because I was really wanting to finish (has noooo patience), and... I wanted to play my game (yet the doodling and coloring gave me an excuse to not play it... zombies can be scary, man).

baww it came out sooo light... haneul looks mad white... even though she's supposed to be pale.. >___> but still... und Sugyeong... I should have colored her a bit darker... T^T

Through all four panels of pt 2 I was experiemnting with colors (esp on panel 3 for the coloring). I didn't have a lot of ref for my own character >____< I needed to know how his hair was done... I like it on the fourth panel... :D

This is something I'm always doing when gifts are involved for anything. I'm always saying "My gift to you is my loooooove" (this works well for B-days and holidays). It's the only gift I can give my friends that doesn't cost money. =D

R A W R~ Now to go ATTEMPT to play L4D2. . .

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