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WHOA! OFAV HAS FINALLY REACHED 10 COMICS! 8D You'd think that after 3 years, I'd be at at least 30...
We'll get there eventually.

So yeah. I'm sure you've had enough of the SteGabe antics, so here's some Kasey and Jo. :V And if you haven't had enough SteGabe... you're probably me.

The joke here was supposed to go one of two ways:
1) Girls wear make-up, so make-up artists probably wouldn't meet many "cute boys".
2) Guys that wear make-up are not usually straight, so that would explain why guys don't flirt with Kasey at work.
Idk which it really is anymore, so YOUR CHOICE! :9 IS IT 1? IS IT 2? IS IT BOTH?!?!

I'm still having a crisis with Kasey's skin tone. xD; So if her skin tone changes from panel to panel, just know that it's me experimenting with colors and not some weird skin problems that Kasey has.

Kasey's the only one from the OFAV cast who doesn't have a character profile in my Various Planning world yet! o___o I need to write that soon. Hum.

I have this titled "The Obvious Choice" on the original strip, but I changed the title because that sounds irrelevant.

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