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Killing Takechi
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+T is for older teen.
you have been warned.

OMJ other MANGA!


HOW are you going to work on!?

I don't know

Do you even work on any of the other Mangas you've been making!?

Yes, I have pages for each and every manga still not even uploaded, but I'm getting to them.

You seem Clam about this.


Well what's this one about!?

Killing Takechi

Yeah, We can tell, the COVER OF THE BOOK TELLS US THAT!

Yes, I know. But I can't tell you about it, you'll have to read it to know what it's about.

Why you makeing it?

huh? oh... i get bored.

-_-' ok, are you still going to finish the other manga you've made?


ok, that's good. Are you at less going to give us a summary?

sure, why wouldn't I?

..... because you didn't do that for any other manga!

oh, I got lazy.

Just... please... continue...



a young boy named Takechi becomes a student at a Police Academy. He grew up his whole life learning karate and swords man ship from his father who was a world known scienist. He goes out in the night to kill because of his father's orders. What he doesn't know, is that someone's after him. The Police Academy has a secret organization who are after him. One of those people who work for that organization is a young girl named Mo. When she meets Takechi for the first time she become he's first and only friend. She ends up falling for Takechi when he saves her life. Although, when she founds out that Takechi is the person the organization is after, she has a choose to make.
The one she loves or her life long dream.

Please enjoy.
Comments, hugs, and favorites are nice as well!

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