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OH MY GOD!! TT^TT I've posted and deleted this thing sooo many times...First the file is messed up, then it's too small, then it turns out it was too small for FANART so I edited it for no reason, and finally this will hopefully be the last time...TT^TT I just want to post it and get it over with! *cries* Too much trouble...

Ermm...I don't think anybody will understand what's going on unless they've read the most recent chapter of Are You Alice?

Lemme try to describe it...Ummm...The Duke ate Alice and inside him there were chairs, and cabinets, and lamps, and bunches of random stuff. And that reminded me of in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when she was falling down the rabbit hole...and there was a door at the end (actually a hallway...but whatever). I was just thinking about how he would fall down to the bottom and there'd be a door there...and then I thought 'Well, what to?' to the outside of the The Duke! XD So he went inside and then got out...which would be completely pointless.

I just imagined that he'd be eaten, and everyone's all panicking, and then TA-DAA! I'm back...but I didn't do anything! XD Liiike this:

Everyone: NUUU!! ALICE!! YOU IDIOT!!!
Alice goes to the bottom and finds a door, opens it and then
Alice: I found a door, everyone!...!?
Everyone: You idiot...get back in there...This wasn't supposed to happen...

Like a loophole! XD

Okay, I tried my best to explain it! I keep making comic strips that don't really make much sense or require lots of explaining...XD

Well, go read Are You Alice? just for it to make sense. It's really good and Alice, as well as the Queen of Hearts, and boys....but that doesn't mean it's yaoi or shounen-ai or anything...It's just creative character designing! ^ ^

This was also for paying around on manga studio...which I later learned that I really didn't have to do much since Alice is pretty white...I mean, not shaded except for his blue shirt.

Anyways, enjoy! ^ ^

Oi...I had some technical difficulties...for some reason when I export something on manga studio to jpeg it gets all funky, so I put this in SAI...O.o Anybody know how to make the exports look like how it is supposed to be? Or has this never happened to you guys?

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