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The Fifth Alice
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Full stanza-
"The fifth ALICE was the silent white one.
His eyepatch covering half of wonderland in darkness
Running, Running, Everything was so frightful.
Never once did he turn around.
Once did he stop to take a rest He turned to face-
his own figure, like a dark reflection.
If it weren’t for the shadow he left behind,
It would have been like he’d never been there."
Hurrah! I finished! Hope you like!
The story-
The fifth alice was a mute child. The new world was dark to him, due to his eyepatch. He was very scared of the new world, he ran away from everything (starting from meiko, who Rin and Len let out at the end). He ran his way through the first and second doors (Kaito's blue rose garden). He only stopped once he reached a building (Miku's castle), he rested in the garden on a pillar, when he turned around, he saw his own shadow (which he thought was a monster, tried to run from it, but he couldn't get up, and he died of fright (see the Kagamine graveyard). His shadow (magically) took over his body, and still walks through the dark forest of the world...

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