Himedere (Fan Comic Portfolio) Natalya and the Diplomatic Guest tsarevna Accalia of Malivoyi Krest

Natalya and the Diplomatic Guest tsarevna Accalia of Malivoyi Krest
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*Please do not take her characters, story, or artwork without my permission!* :D
Uhhh, yes! I have asked permission to make a fancomic of ms. Alchemic Mushroom's wonderful "The Petite Affairs of Natalya!"

Also, I have to apologize that characters may not be exactly written correctly- but I'll do my best!

Anyway, this comic includes old characters as well as a fan character (tsarevna Accalia).
She is from Malinovyi Krest, a rival country of Natalya's, of which is run by a Tsar. Accalia, being the youngest daughter (therefore being the one who ultimately is worthless) is decided to be a "peace prize" of sorts, governmently being a symbol of treaty. The relation between Accalia and Natalya decides whether the countries will be friendly neighbors or plunge the world into a huge World War. The war is mostly fixated on stocks and religion.

Malinovyi Krest is a country of the Couldestrian religion (totally made up XD).
Couldestrian is the belief that "Saint" Satan was kicked out of heaven because he had witnessed God commiting some (unspeakable) sin... (WHICH IS ALSO TOTALLY MADE UP!!!!! XDD It was this way to show Malinovians are total screwballs) and then, being kicked out of heaven, decided to make his Hades a pure place, named "Grestivian".

Please enjoy everything!

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