otakufangirl (Fan Comic Portfolio) Epic Battle

I bet you were expecting a legit epic battle because of the title XDD
Before Cata, my friend Earthloord in the guild and I had a competition to see who could get the most epics and so I made this comic about it haha
The first in hopefully many comics I'll make bout the DREAM TEAM :D
._. it just got REEEEEEALLY windy again.....and now it stopped.
Anyway, ummmm SO MANY MISTAKES.
I kinda got bored with coloring it cause it was such a pain lol armor looks terrible, I don't even know if it's the right armor anymore or not XD We've probably changed our armor since I drew this back in ummmm the beginning of January? I can't even remember lol.
But um I used this screen of Stormwind in the bg talk about being lazy
Haha I think it looks alot better than if I had actually drawn a SW background.
Imma type a post later, it'll probs be a game update hahaha I have reeeeally funny Heavy Rain video to post.
Well...I guess it actually depends on your sense of humor and if you've played the game or not haha.
Well I hope you all like it!
Comments and hugs are appreciated!

Warcraft Fan Comics
battle, earthloord, epic, epics armor, kat, katsuko, wow
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