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So...it was almost exactly three months later on the date of our orchestra concert. I'd had no official response to my Valentine, though I did get a few awkward glances which I squirmed under. A had told me that she had given him my phone number, and her and our other mutual friends (namely L,) were encouraging him to build the courage to talk to me. This little ray of hope brightened my day. Of course, the day of the concert, it went spiraling downward. The day was normal, all day practice, but then when I walked into the rehearsal room, there he was, the only person in the room. I quickly ran back into the hallway and waited until A showed up, which thank goodness, wasn't long. Then, as we're preparing for the concert, A decides she'll tell me that I should "talk to him since he's looking so nice today," but then notes that it's too bad I still like him since he and my friend's sister, Melina, were going out on Friday. My world came crashing down in a matter of seconds.

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