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Ahem, Me and Forever Gone,will be creating this manga together. 1st Do NOT steal any of our ideas or characters we worked very hard on designs and storline. 2nd This manga contains the following,ahem Romance,Strong Violence(oh yes there will be blood people Die!!!) Some-cough- scenes,but nothing TOO bad, Language...I mean come on people this is anime!!!!!! And we have noticed our characters are more 'devoleped' then most...well you've just never seen us lol but remeber they ARE older.So if you are like ten and dont like this stuff,or you dont want your mommies complaining,then dont read -.- and get over it. 3rd Again steal our charaters and DIE a horrible death. 4th Forever Gone is in charge of side stories ^-^,and again we WORK TOGETHER on the mangas, so If the art style varies or changes dont worry.I Know I bet she hasnt posted the pages yet lol,but dont worry I'll keep her in check. Main Characters Raven(mine) Sakura(Forever Gone) Riku(Forever Gone) Spice(mewmewspice) Namie(Love is Lost) Larka Original Tmm Characters Berry Pai Kisshu Tart Lettuce Ryou Keeichero(sp?) Requested characters Kiichigo(Strawberryparfeit) Mieka,Mihro(Timbermoonkiss) enjoy! (expandhide)

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Comics
larka, raven, riku, sakura, spice
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