toyotami kun (Fan Comic Portfolio) Da Heck Am I Wearing Part 2

Part 2 Of my other comic inspired by the comment box and Lux's wish list!!! XD Lux really didn't want to Flip Rai's skirt and he's not!!! XD

Had fun working on this, just annoyed that my scanner killed the red and yellows a little but it still looks okay I guess! XD I very happy with the way it looks!!! Took about 3 to 4 hours mainly cause I kept getting distracted!!

done mainly in cryoloa markers mixed with copic marker too... and used a stamp for the planet design, the cat pattern done by me, by hand! XD

extra links:

Draft: Link #1

Line art: Link #2

I still want to do 2 or 3 more comics, might make those over the weekend maybe? XD

Pokemon Fan Comics
Delin, gag, Lux, Pokemon, Raimundo, skirt, toyotami
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