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Apart from the bell tower being kind of thin for the dimensions of the rest of the opening shot, I actually rather like this page. I actually took the time to use a reference for the opening shot (even if it's still somewhat fail) and... and this apple cider tastes funny. Heck with this sugar-free stuff.

Also, apologies for the cougar. It was kind of random. (To possibly further get the joke, here's a link: The "Real Cougar" joke should make some more sense after this. No, the cougar in this comic is not directly based on the cougar from the commercials. He's just a random cougar.

ANYWAY, so yeah. Also, the shading method in this one may kinda-sorta reflect how I'm going to shade future Randomosity comics, as I did a test-comic this week in my sketchbook and am seriously considering going back to traditionally-drawn comics. I have the scanner to do it now, I just need the time and the inspiration to do it.

... Though having some friends here would probably help a lot with the inspiration part. OTL oh well, even if it's just doodles or one-liners due to time constraints, this comic will not fail!

"You already said that before."

I know I did.

BYU (c) ... BYU? The Church? I really don't know.

Also, DISCLAIMER: The views reflected in this comic series are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else yadda yadda... I'm starting to think I should've fictionalized this a tad bit more, instead of directly basing the setting on my current school. >.>;

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