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You may want to see the deviantART version for the full size. I forgot to consider theO's file size guidelines when I was scaling this from the scan. >:
the dA link be here~!

... It's 3:30 in the morning, and I'm still up. But not for that American Heritage paper I was up until this time of the morning for a few days ago, no. This is over... Something honestly very trivial and silly, as catching up on Randomosity tends to be when I fall behind. As it is this one's almost outdated by now, since Homecoming Week's almost over. And honestly, even if I didn't have any homework I wouldn't have gone to half of those things anyway because I'm a socially awkward shut-in (I've seen the lighted Y a couple of times now, though. Pretty neat I've gotta say)... Might go to the casual dance tomorrow, considering I've got time then.
>.>; But in some respects I like how it came out, so I'm still posting it. :P

Expect to see another comic up later, at a more reasonable hour - probably after class because by then everyone who cares to read these will have had a chance to see this one.

Divine Comedy (c) Divine Comedy. Didn't use their actual logo, but since they're mentioned might as well give credit where it's due.

Y Mountain (c) ... Wait, does Y Mountain have a copyright on it? O.o; *shrug* well obviously I don't own a giant mountain in the Wasatch with a giant Y plastered on it. So there.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Nintendo, all those people. Yeah, you can tell I'm tired when I start getting really lazy with these things. XD

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