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No, I didn't actually go outside like that... XD Was too scared of getting in trouble for showing up in a bathrobe - but I still had shampoo in my hair, I wasn't about to get dressed as if my shower was over only to come back to my room and undress again to shower. ... I'm fortunate this was in fact a drill, honestly.

This comic actually dates way back to Chapter 1, when I lived in a more suite-style dorm and actually had my own bathroom/shower and a situation like this more plausible without catching the notice of others. But I wasn't sure about posting the comic back then because (a) Photoshop seemed to hate it and kept freezing on me as I was cleaning it up, and (b) even though nothing's shown, I wasn't terribly sure about posting a comic that teetered so close to the fanservice zone. Heck, I still feel like I'm taking a risk with this - but I figured I'd give you guys a fun "deleted scene" or "lost strip" to make up for missing last week. Even though it's technically no longer the weekend, but whatever - three day weekend! That's my alibi!

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