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Aaaand, this officially has the same number of pages as OFAV. >3>;;

Is it sad that I think JamalxFlower is kind of cute? I think it's because Jamal is sincere about his feelings for the flower. It's also not so weird because he can talk to the flower and the flower can talk to him. Jamal's a bit of a jerk to people, though. :M;
By the way, the flower has no gender. But at some point when Jamal's knocked out and has a dream about it, the flower looks like a girl. So I guess it's gender leans more toward female. :m /random information

I hadn't drawn Jamal in a couple years. xD; Sorry about that. Thanks for the question, Kailith! It was kind of refreshing to draw him again. :9

Oh, and the question box is always open. :V

This question was from Kailith:
I have a question for Jamal!
Jamal, what's your idea of a romantic date with your... plant...friend... plantfriend? (How do I word this so it makes sense? xD)

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