SandLover13 Shukaku the Sand Spirit Rises Again!

Yep it's me again. I tried doing a Fan Art Challenge, but it didn't work. Until then, I'm giving you another Fan Word contest. Remember Gaara from Naruto and how he has a giant sand demon inside him named Shukaku? Well I write about him. Now it's your turn to write about this funky demon.

All you have to do is write a story. Make me laugh, cry, scream with fear, or all of the above.XD (Example: Shukaku rampaging a village or being in love with another character) It'll be for one month, so stay sharp! If you want to know what Shukaku looks like in animal or in human form, look up for him in the Naruto Fan Art section. Here's his profile to get started:

Name: Shukaku
Age: Ancient but he says 19
Gender: Male
Species: One tailed Tanuki(Raccoon)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Golden yellow with black star pupil
Personality: Perverted, prankster, wild, animal, has a nice side
Likes: Jess, Yuri, raping, sake, being big, torturing Gaara, blood, killing, eating, full moons
Dislikes: Kyuubi, being wrong, Sasuke, people hurting his mates
Attack Types: Sand, Wind, Moon
Family: Mother(human/Killed by Father), Father(Evil tanuki/killed by Shukaku), Misa(Little Sister
Relationships: Yurikami(Naomi Bear) and Jess
Friends: Jess, Kyuubi(Sort of), Taro, Oogie, Naruto(Sort of), Deiara, Yuri, etc.
Weapon: His sand
Favorite Song: Closer by Ne-Yo
Sayings: "Thank you for being the only one who never called me a monster."
Looks: 100 feet tall biege raccoon with blue markings. When human he looks like Gaara
Clothing: Black t-shirt, one cresent moon ear piercing, red jeans, barefoot
History: Shukaku was just an average kid in the Sand Village until when he was 6 years old, he finds out about his father being an evil tanuki who wants to take over the world. Shukaku's mother controlled sand. The father killed the mother and tried killing Shukaku and his sister, Misa. Shukaku then killed his father. Years passed as Shukaku's tanuki blood grew. At age 19, when Shukaku was the village's preist, Shukaku's childhood friend, Karura, asked him to take care of her child, Jess. Shukaku agreed and ran with the purple-haired baby in hand. But a sand storm crashed towards the two and that's when Shukaku became demon. Shukaku's body grew old, but his heart stayed 19 years old. When Karura died, Shukaku blamed himself for the problem. He became part of the Legendary demons, Jess's teacher, and Gaara's demon. He likes drinking, eating, rampaging, and raping women. He fights with the Nine Tailed Fox a lot. Between the two of them, Shukaku is the Naruto and Kyuubi is the Sasuke. Also, you find him killing people for their blood, dancing under the full moon, and controlling Gaara like a monster.

Now for the winners of the contest:

3rd place goes to CK (sasukelover011) with a story when Shukaku goes to highschool. Good job!

2nd place goes to Cate (DeidaraNarutoClan) who wrote a story about Shukaku living in the streets and rampaging a supply of food. Creative!

And 1st place goes to Val (vdr-07) for her wonderful story of Shukaku's night with none other than Val.

Congrats to you all on a great challenge. My next challenge will be a FanARt challenge so stay tuned!


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