You Are Just So...

Hi everybody,

This is my first unimaginative challenge ever! I hope to improve on my creativity someday...

So what you have to do is not hard. You can probably do it in your sleep. You just have to rant and rage and pour out all your emotions into one character from anything you want! Make it a story with you saying everything you've ever wanted to say to the character, make it a poem, make it a song, whatever you want. Just pour out all the love/hate/annoyance/amusement or other emotions into any character you want!

Please remember to title your entry with 'You Are Just So <insert rant topic here>' , it's easier to see exactly what the writing's about that way. I don't care about the length, I read with extreme speed... ^^ just make sure it's really strong in whatever emotion you're feeling!

I'll do prizes next time, I'm swamped with work.. and let's face it... the medals are pretty ^^

Have fun!

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You are just so Ditsy! ~DragonRider11
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