wolfshadowlurker Random story #1

I believe this would be my first challenge... anyway here's the deal! The idea of this is to write a story entirely based on any nursery rhyme or fairy tale of your choice. It must also include:
~yandere yaoi (twisted/hateful love between two boys)
~weird peanut butter concoctions
~duct-tape concrete sculpture that has a graffiti saying 'I love Ume'
~a motto. XD
~your fave mythical creature (could be a Pokemon too)
~a puppet or voodoo doll (NOT Bereznoff)
~zombies, eyeballs or death by fork (nothing too gruesome please)
~bacon and pickles
~somebody who scribbles on everything with Sharpie and hates the smell of perfume
~Nekozawa senpai
~your fave imaginary friend
~Cosmo and Wanda
~a stuffed dog named Spiffy
Good luck everyone!

Oh yes, prizes! If you win, give me your favorite phrase from your favorite story of your own creation, and I will illustrate it! So, extra compensation, come on people, I need more entries!

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Incy Wincy Spider - Challenge Entry ~Magnus Lensherr
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